We are a devoted charity organization to helping needy, sick and underprivileged people in our community. Our mission is to help the sick become well in body, mind, and spirit through natural and alternative care methods, education and public awareness, without drugs or surgery. Please join us in our caring mission and efforts.

Mission Causes

60% Donated / $4000 To Go

Providing the Community with Health and Wellness Education

Caring for Others by providing the community with health and wellness education.

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50% Donated / $5000 To Go

Changing Lives Through Health Education Scholarships

Caring for Others by changing lives through health education scholarships

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50% Donated / $5000 To Go

Helping the Medically Vulnerable and the Under Served Community

Caring for Others by helping medically vulnerable and under served community.

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Beneficiaries & Partners

Free Health Education

joint degeneration

Board Members

R. Thomas Roselle

Founder & Director

Consuelo Kern

Board Member

R. Sue

Board Member

Derreth Painter

Board Member